Brief Introduction

     Fujian Quanzhou Foreign Language Middle School, a full-time high school, with an atmosphere of modernization , academy and garden style, was founded in May, 2001 by the Jindi Estimate Group. The school is well designed with a variety of  good facilities,covering an area of 50 mu. At present, the school contains both Junior High and Senior High, including 68 classes, with a total number of more than 3000 students and teachers. Since it was founded, the school has been honored as one of the council members of “The Education Association of the National Characteristic Foreign Language Schools”, “The Research Association of the National Foreign Language Schools”, an executive director unit of “the Provincial Education Association of International Exchange”, a provincial-level "Garden School," a provincial-level "Green School", a municipal "Civilized School", a"Model School of Lawful Management ", an"Advanced School in Arts Education ", an " Experimental School for Psychological Health Education ", a " Model School of Test Base for Curriculum Reform ", an "Experimental School of Modern Education and Technology ", an"Advanced Unit of the National Private Schools" and a "National Model School of Caring for the Growth of the Following Generations". It has become one of the shining stars among the national foreign language middle schools.
    With superior conditions, excellent teachers and  management, the  campus has been built according to a high starting point, high demand and high-quality. Our school is equipped with first-class laboratories, modernized libraries, sports grounds, language labs, a computer center, a TV station, and multifunctional rooms for PE, music, fine arts, labour and skill lessons. The staff in the school are qualified, ambitious and devoted. Of the 223 teachers, 12 are masters, 209 undergraduates, 1 superfine teacher, 50 senior teachers, more than 30 provincial and municipal subject-leading , backbone teachers and new stars in education, which ensures the high quality of efficient and paramilitary management.
   With explicit running character and outstanding teaching, Quanzhou Foreign Language Middle School has been advancing and ranking in the forefront of examination results in the past few years. In the Senior High Entrance Examination    in 2004 , which was the first time for our school, 72% of the students passed over the admission criteria of the key schools; in 2005 we made further progress,78% passed over the admission criteria; in 2006, 80%,and to our excitement 5 of our students were among the 10 top students in Quanzhou city, with Guo Weizheng coming out first; again in 2007 over 80% passed over the admission criteria with 10 students winning the “Xianluan Reward”; in 2008, as high as 90%, and “A” rates of Geography and Biology were both 99%; in 2009, the average of the total marks for the three subjects (Chinese, Maths and English) reaches as high as 400.6, (English standing out, 140.2). Most of our first graduates of Senior 3 attained good marks in the College Entrance Examination in 2008 because of the “small class” teaching. The average marks of both Arts and Science ranked the third in the whole Quanzhou city .Only 3 schools in Quanzhou ( the other two, Quanzhou No.5 Middle School and Nanan No.1 Middle School) were on the list of top 30 schools in Fujian Province; 30% of the students passed over the admission criteria of key universities; 70% common colleges; over 90% private colleges. All the achievements above ranked the second in the urban district. One of the students, Zhuang Zhouheng, attaining 636 points in the College Entrance Examination and 108 points in TOEFL, was admitted to the US Tulane University and received a scholarship of $96,000. In 2009 College Entrance Examination, of all the municipal schools, our school ranked second in the rate of all graduates passing over the batches of test admission to universities.( the first batch 27.24%; the second 64.78%; the third 81.39%. )A student with the name Dai Yuan-xi was admitted to the Computer Department of Qing Hua University. Our students have got a lot of remarkable achievements in various competitions, such as seven consecutive championships in "21st Century Cup" English Speech Contest for Junior High School, four consecutive championships for Senior; 6 gold prizes for 6 students and two silver prizes in 2008 Xiamen International Culture and Art Festival, causing a sensation; Dai Yuan-xi, came out second in 2008 the National Senior High School Mathematics League in Fujian Province and the second prize in the National Mathematical Olympiad. During 2007-2008 more than 300 teachers and students received city-level rewards. The school has been expanding "multiple export" channels, constructing exchange network with Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and other countries, establishing friendly and cooperative relations with London International Academy of Canada, Daigaku Ranking University of Japan, the Australian Institute of Tasmania Elizabeth, exchanging teachers and organizing Summer Camp activities. In 2008 Chen Xiaohong, Shu Lining were both admitted to London International College of Canada with a full scholarship. Zhou Ruo-fan, Liu Meng-ying passed the examinations and was admitted to the National University of Singapore. During the study period in Singapore, all expenses (including tuition, room and board, transportation, cost of living allowance, etc.) are offered by Singapore. We focus on the students’ life-long development, set up "Export Bridge", study abroad projects from Senior 1 to Senior 3 and a broad platform for the students’ real growth. In addition, the school pays great attention to the education of psychological health, sets up psychological counseling centers, psychological health education courses and elective courses, compiles the school-based teaching materials for the psychological health education which adds to the glories of our school.
    Today, the school is guided by the scientific concept of development, taking the development of connotation-style as the theme, further strengthening the awareness of quality, innovation, reform and development, firmly taking the roads to internationalization, characteristics, personality, creating the environment of diversification and high-quality for the students of Quanzhou Foreign Language Middle School to become qualified people and offering the opportunities of development. We are sure to make “the common good and the good better.”