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   We know the kiss as a form of expressing affection(情感,喜爱). But long 1____ it became it, it was customary in many countries to use it as a(n) 2_____ of respect. Some native Africans 3_____the ground over which a chief(首领)has walked. Kissing the hand and foot has been a mark of respect from the 4_____ times.

   The early Romans kissed the mouth or eyes 5 _____a form of dignified(高贵的) greeting. One Roman emperor allowed his important nobles to kiss his lips, but the 6_____ important ones had to kiss his hands, and the 7_____important ones were 8______allowed to kiss his feet!

   Most likely the kiss as a form of affection can be traced back to primitive(上古的,原始的) times when a mother 9_____ fondle(爱抚) her child, just as a mother 10_____ today. It only remained for society to 11_____this as a custom for expressing affection between arms.

   We have evidence(根据) that this was already the 12 _____ by the time of the sixth century, but we can only suppose it was 13 _____ long before that. The first 14 _____ where the kiss became accepted in courtship(求婚) was in France. From France the kiss spread rapidly all over Europe. Russia, which loved to 15_____the customs of France, soon adopted it. A kiss from the Tsar(沙皇) became 16 _____ of the highest forms of recognition from the Crown.

   In time, the kiss became a part of courtship. 17_____ marriage customs developed, the kiss became a part of the 18_____ ceremony典礼,仪式). Today we regard it as an expression of love and tenderness. 19_____ there are still many places in the world where the kiss is 20_____ of formal ceremonies and is intended to show respect.

1A.after           B. before          C. until           D. since

2.A.custom        B. tradition         C. expression      D. affection

3.A.watch         B. touch           C. kiss            D. greet

4.A.earliest         B. latest           C. longest         D. eldest

5.A.of            B. as              C. for            D. in

6.A.not        B. little          C. less           D. least

7.A.last        B. less           C. most         D. least

8.A.too        B. also           C. only         D. ever

9.A.would      B. could         C. should        D. will

10.A.would     B. has           C. doing         D. does

11.A.express    B. allow         C. kiss          D. accept

12.A.case      B. event          C. history       D. evidence

13.A.expressed     B. practised      C. kissed      D. discovered

14.A.city       B. tribe(部落)      C. society       D. country

15.A.allow    B. copy          C. spread        D. use

16.A.one      B. it            C. this           D. that

17.A.Since     B. Once        C. While         D. As

18.A.meeting      B. greeting      C. marrying     D. wedding

19.A.And      B. Thus         C. But          D. When

20.A.bit       B. part          C. some         D. any






4、选A。这句话仍然是对联But long before it became it …一句的例证,故发生的时间也应在很久以前。

5、选B。类似结构还有the kiss as a form of affectionas an expression of等。





10、选Ddoes替代前文提到的fondles her child










20、选Bpart of意为“……的一部分”。




In the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince(太子港), the most popular form of transportation is the “tap tap”. The tap tap is the quickest means of 1_____ transportation and the least costly way to 2_____ around. It is also a 3 _____ happening. It is 4 _____ you get the news of the day or something.

A tap tap is a pickup truck that has been changed into a 5_____ work of art. To make a tap tap, a designer first draws the layout(设计图) and a workman builds a 6_____ wooden box to protect people from the sun or the rain. There are two long benches inside for at least twelve people to sit somewhat 7_____. Lastly the artist and a painter work together to 8_____ a colorful covering of the drawings.

Each tap tap is a 9 _____ work of art and no two are the same. 10_____ you to visit Port-au-Prince, you could not 11_____ these very colorful works of art.

There are three to four thousand tap taps in Port-au-Prince. They are different 12 _____ size and 13 _____. Some are big, some small; some are 14 _____, some beautiful and colorful. Although most of the tap taps are built to carry 15_____ or so people at a time, they often carry more people. The fanciest tap taps always have more customers waiting for a ride.

In Port-au-Prince, people who 16_____ afford to buy their own private cars usually ride the taps. These trucks are also very 17_____ for children going to and from school.

Whenever I travel to Haiti, it is always a 18 _____ to see so many wonderful newly-painted tap taps with all the people inside. The thing I like best is that you 19______ know who you might meet inside because in Haiti we are almost all 20_____ with each other.

1.A.official      B.personal      C.national        D.public  

2.A.take        B.walk         C.turn            D.get

3.A.social       B.usual        C.real            D.useful

4.A.what        B.how         C.where          D.whether

5.A.mobile      B.natural       C.fixed           D.perfect

6.A.open        B.covered      C.big            D.small

7.A.properly     B.happily       C.separately      D.comfortably

8.A.design      B.describle      C.give           D.show

9.A.simple      B.particular      C.similar        D.familiar    

10.A.Get     B.Set       C.Advise         D.Were

11.A.find     B.remember     C.notice       D.miss

12.A.in       B.of           C.for          D.about

13.A.color    B.shape        C.appearance    D.speed

14.A.plain    B.strange       C.dirty         D.bright

15.A.a score of    B.a dozen    C.a hundred    D.a number

16.A.needn’t     B.shouldn’t    C.can’t       D.wouldn’t

17.A.possible    B.practical     C.equal       D.dangerous

18.A.dream      B.pleasure     C.surprise     D.problem

19.A.often       B.sometimes    C.never      D.always

20.A.connected   B.famous      C.friendly    D.tied

内容概要:本文介绍了海地首都太子港的一种叫“tap tap”的交通工具,它不仅外形独特,而且费用低廉,颇受百姓喜爱。


1、选D。由全文可知,tap tap是一种“公共”交通工具。

2、选Dget around意为“到处旅行”,而turn around则表示“转身”。


4、选Cwhere指在“tap tap”上。











15、选B。上文已提到可提供12人乘座,12正好是a dozen

16、选Cafford常与canbe able to连用。


18、选Ba pleasure令人愉快的事情。从接下来的内容中可以得到足够的启示。


Abe connected with,意为“与……有关联(有联系




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