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   As she waited at the edge of the ice for her music to start,. Peggy took a quick look at her father standing nearby with a group of parents and teachers. He smiled at her. Then she 1._____ out at the audience, 2._____ to see her mother. These two, Alvert and Doris Flemint, had 3._____ all the way from California more than 2,000 miles away, to see their 4._____ compete in this sports meet in Cleveland, Ohio.

   The music 5._____ and Peggy moved onto the ice, letting the music 6._____ her along into her turns, and she began skating with much 7._____ in herself. The cold fear she always had in the 8._____ seconds before skating onto the ice was 9._____. She was feeling the movement of the 10._____ and letting it carry her. She skated easily, 11._____ did some jumps, a final turn and her performance was 12._____.

   The crowd loved it and cheered 13._____ she skated off the ice. “Nice job,” said one of the other 14._____. It was the remark that 15._____ came after a free-skating performance. But what should the 16._____ say? Standing beside her father, Peggy 17._____ for the scoring to be finished. On all sides were other young skaters, some waiting 18._____ alone, others with a parent. Shortly before 10 o’clock the results were 19._____. The new United States Women’s Figure Skating Champion was Peggy Fleming of Passdena, 20._____.

1.A.looked        B. watched         C. found        D. stepped

2.A.failing        B. looking forward     C. wanting       D. hoping

3.A.bicycled      B. driven          C. run      D. walked

4.A.friend         B. children             C. son            D. daughter

5.A.started        B. played              C. developed        D. sang

6.A.allow         B. set out               C. carry            D. support

7.A.thought       B. belief                C. success         D. design

8.A.following     B. last                C. recent             D. past

9.A.lost           B. present            C. strong            D. gone

10.A.music         B. fear              C. ice              D. audiences

11.A.so            B. or                C. before            D. then

12.A.satisfied       B. unsatisfactory       C. finished          D. welcome

13.A.because        B. until              C. before            D. as

14.A.skaters         B. parents           C. judges            D. parents

15.A.always         B. seldom            C. again             D. hardly

16.A players         B. audience           C. judges            D. parents

17.A.waited         B. looked             C. wished            D. asked

18.A.comfortably     B. hurriedly           C. happily         D. anxiously

19.A.cried out        B. let out            C. announced        D. declared

20.A.England         B. Cleveland         C. Ohio            D. California




1、选A。从后面的状语to see her mother可以得到启发。

2、选D。四处张望的目的就是“希望”见到她母亲。want一般没有现在分词形式,look forward to 中的to是介词,后面应接名词或动名词,故BC不能选用。




6、选C。下文中有and letting it carry her 这样类似用法。








14、选Athe other 后总是接同类名词,故此处选skaters








   Two men on a touring holiday were injured by an explosion in their motor van(面包车) yesterday.

   Shoppers, traders and businessmen in Red Lion Street were 1._____ by a loud bang, and seconds later the two men jumped over from the van, which had stopped outside Barclays Bank. Several people rushed to give 2._____ and helped to put out the fire 3._____ the van. A light American truck changed the 4._____ to provide living accommodation room(躺的地方), 5._____ firemen arrived.

   The men, Mr.Cary House, who was driving, and his 6._____ Mr. Charlie Lynn—were taken to hospital with slight 7._____. They were allowed to leave after 8._____. I heard this explosion. It was 9._____ loud. I thought it could have been a(n) 10._____. said Mr. Leslie Webster, manager of the market, who was working in his office in Red Lion Street. “I looked out of the window and saw this lad jump from the van and 11._____ on the ground. Then another lad came out of the van. He seemed to be in a 12._____ state---parts of his trousers were hanging below his knees.”

   “I came downstairs to get a fire extinguisher (灭火器), but 13._____ the time I got outside someone from the bank was in the 14._____ with an extinguisher.”

   Mr. Webster said both men were shocked. One was taken into the market’s office to wait for a(n) 15._____. “The second man 16._____ going back into the van to see if everything was 17._____, and five minutes later he came out with a drawer that was blazing (burning).” he added.

   18._____ inside the van was mainly superficial(表面的), 19._____ a plastic window was blown out.

   The two men have spent the last six months 20._____. At the time of the incident their wives were shopping in the city.

1.A.disappointed    B. excited       C. frightened       D. shocked 

2.A.call           B. warning       C. report          D. assistance

3.A.inside          B. outside        C. around        D. towards

4.A.plan           B mind          C. direction       D. nature

5.A.after           B. before        C. when          D. until

6.A.wife           B. passenger      C. visitor        D. guest

7.A.wounds       B. sickness         C. burns        D. hurts

8.A.operation     B. treatment        C. recovery(复原)      D. examination

9.A.much        B. pretty           C. usually        D. actually

10.A.bomb       B. fire            C. truck           D. accident

11.A.lie        B. die            C. roll             D. fall

12.A.good       B. poor          C. easier          D. worse

13.A.at         B. for            C. after           D. by

14.A.van        B. office         C. market         D. room

15.A.rescue      B. doctor        C. firefighter       D. ambulance (救护车)

16.A.kept on     B. insisted on     C. cared for       D. gave up

17.A.in order     B. in all        C. all right       D. all over

18.A.Equipment    B. Suffering     C. Damage      D. Condition

19.A.although      B. since        C. because      D. so that

20.A.touring     B. repairing       C. moving      D. cleaning




2、选Dgive assistance意思是offer help,根据空格后的help 不难选定。







9、选Bpretty在此处为副词,相当于very。从前面的a loud bang和人们纷纷循声涌向面包车来看,爆炸声“很”大。




13、选Dby the time意为“到……时候为止”。从后面已有人携带灭火器到了车上,可以得出该答案。




17、选Call right相当与OK。进入车内的目的应该是为了看看物品是否损坏。

18、选C。由superficial plastic window 可以想到此处指车子部件的“损坏”情况。




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