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. 名词(单复数/所有格)
1. There are ten_____ (woman)teachers and two hundred ____(girl) students in the school

2. You’ll want to know your body language is saying and how to interpret other _______(people).
3. I saw many ______ (Japan) seated in the corner and reading something.
4. He walked out of children’s shop and entered the_______ clothing shop.(woman)
5. Keep the __________(photo)secret and don’t let out them to the _________(medium).
1.women, girl 2. people’s 3.Japanese 4,women’s  5. photos; media)

. 代词 (重点考点)
1. When the time came for me to say goodbye to my friends in the village, I wanted to reward the old woman for the trouble I had caused    _ .
2. I was wondering where I was going to spend the night when I realized that the villagers who had gathered around me were arguing as to who should have the honor of receiving me as a guest in ______ house.
3. The journalists who have seated ______ for half an hour are eager to have a chance to raise a question to Premier Wen Jiabao.
4. This dining hall is four times the size of ______ one.
5. What surprised me most was that he told me his name when I asked him _____ he was.
6. The famous actress said her parents worked happily and were nice and healthy, and some others said it was the same with ________.
7. However, the percentage of the boys choosing “great figures” is the same as _____ of the girls.
8. The planet Earth is ruled by a mysterious creature that sits or stands in a room and makes a strange ticking sound . _____ has a face with twelve black marks and two hands.
9. Antique clocks could be very expensive, but one of the joys of collecting clocks is that it is still possible to find quite cheap _____ for your own home.
10. Some people favor the proposal, but ______ oppose it.
11. The job ads will be carried in _______ of the other two newspapers.
12. _____ he did with the difficult problem is still unknown to us.
13 As is well known, every heart has ____ own sorrow.
14.Say all you know and say ____ without reserve.
(Keys:1 her 2 their 3 themselves 4 that 5 what 6 theirs 7 that8 It 9 ones 10 others 11 either 12 What   13 its 14 it )

1. In her______ ( forty) , she began to take up writing.
2. How many ______ ( two ) are there in ten ?
3. l’ve invited one or _______ friends round this evening.
(Keys: 1. forties  2. twos  3. two )
1. About ___________ (three-fifth) of the workers in that factory are young people.
2. Teacher Wang gave me  a ____________ (two) examination paper.
3. We are to carry out  the _______________(nine) plan.
4. Their _______ ( one)  sight of land came after three days at sea.
5. He gave her a ___________(five) of the total amount.
6. The_________ (four) of July is Independence Day of America.
(Keys:1. three-fifths 2.  second 3. ninth 4. first 5. fifth   6.fourth)

. 介词和介词短语
1. There were a lot of people standing at the door and the small girl couldn’t get __________.
2. Careless driving often brings _______ an accident.
3. _______ time going by, the boy has grown into a strong man.
4. The girl danced ______ the music of Paul Mallriat’s band.
5. This song is familiar _______ all the students.
6. He rent a house _____  the year.
7. We know nothing about him _______ that his son joined in the army.
8. One _______ five will have the chance to join in the game.
(Keys: 1. through 2. about 3. With 4. to 5.to  6. by7. except 8. in)

1. It was      he was ill that he was absent yesterday
2. Stand over there _____ you’ll be able to see it better.
3 Scientists say it may be five or ten years ___ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients.
4 We were swimming in the lake _____ suddenly the storm started.
5 I’ve come to the point ____ I can’t stand him.
6 Simon thought his computer was broken ____ his little brother pointed out that he had forgotten
 to turn it on.  
7 The WTO cannot live up to its name ____ it does not include a country that is home to one fifth
of mankind.
8 It is known to all that ____ you exercise regularly, you won’t keep good health.
9 He tried his best to solve the problem, ___ difficult it was.
(Keys:1 because 2. and 3. before  4. when5. where 6. until 7. if 8. unless 9. however)

1.I think she looks ___ than in the photo.(pretty)
2. She will be much ______ (happy) in her mew house.
3.My room is twice ___ than my sister's. (large)
4.In summer it is much ___ in Wuhan than in Beijing. (hot)
5.Of the two girls, I find Lucy the _______ (clever).
(Keys1. prettier 2.happier 3.larger 4. hotter 5.cleverer)

1. He paid no _____ (little) than 10,000 pounds for it.
2. As jobs are difficult to find, she decides to have __________(far) study.
3. I don’t want to see anybody, ____________my parents.
4. When you visit a _______________(total) different place the first time, the new food ,habits and language might make you want to run all the way back.
Keys: 1. less, 2. further; 3.even ;  4. totally

1.Jumping out of________airplane at ten thousand feet is quite ________ exciting experience.
2.An accident happened at ________ crossroads a few meters away from ________ bank.
3.Just now you said you always got to work on ________ 8 o’clock train. But would ________ later train get you to work on time?
4.The building was completed in ________ September of 1956 not in ________ October, 1955.
5. Things of _____ kind come together; people of ______ kind fall into ________ same group.
6. Of the two magazines, this one is ______ more interesting.
1.an / an 2. a / a 3. the / a 4. the / 5.  a./ a / the 6.the )

The flowers _______ (smell) sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature.
The speaker raised his voice but still couldn’t make himself______ (hear) 
_______ you continue in your efforts and achieve new and greater successes!
4) When I got back home I saw a message pinned to the door ______ (read) “Sorry to miss you; will call later.”
5) He ordered that the books_______ (print) at once. 
(Keys: 1.smelling  2.heard    3.May  4.read 5. (should)be printed)

1 Jimmy said that he would come to pick me up, but he ____ (turn up )by now.
2. I’m terribly sorry for being late, but I _____ (catch) the wrong bus.
3. The truth, sir, is that the old man _______ (walk) across the road when my car hit him.
I _____(hope ) to take a good holiday this year, but I wasn’t able to get away. 
5. If it_____ (rain ) tomorrow, I won’t go to the cinema.
6. — We haven’t heard from Jane for a long time, and What do you suppose ____(happen )to her
(Keys:1. hasn’t turned up 2. caught3. was walking 4. had hoped 5.rains  6. has happened)

十一. 被动语态
1. Little Jim should love to _______(take) to the theatre this evening.
2. The water will be further polluted unless some measures ______(take).
3. He let me repeat his instructions to make sure that I understand what was to ___(do) after he went away.
(Keys:   1. be taken   2.are taken   3. be done )  

十二. 非谓语动词(重点考点)
1. He was the only foreigner ________( give ) such an honor yesterday.
2. I found nothing _________( amaze ) in his story.
3. My clumsy mistake had the girls ________( laugh )giggling all the time.
4. With my girlfriend _________( stand ) next to me, I felt safer.
5. The meeting ended with nothing __________( settle ).
6. I suggest we should visit the Place Museum, _______( build ) 600 years ago.
7.When _______( ask ) about his private life, the actor was annoyed.
8. Lessons ______(learn) in sports can help us in our dealing with other people.
(Keys:1.given 2. amazing 3. laughing 4. standing 5. settled 6 built 7 asked 8. learned)

十三. 主谓一致:
1.Jack is the only one of those boys who _________ (work) hard.
2.The audience ___________(be) mostly moved to tears by the story.
3.Many a young man ______________(think) life is meaningless.
4.Neither we nor he _____________( be ) to blame.
5.When and where to build the new factory _________(have) not been decided yet.
6.They each _____________(have) s laptop.
7.One and a half apples _____________(be) left on the table.
8.E-mail, as well as telephones, _______(be)playing an important part in daily communication.
(Keys: 1. works; 2. were;  3. thinks;  4. is;  5. has;   6. have;  7. is  8. is.)

十四. 并列复合句和主从复合句(重点考点)
1.----Why didn’t you call me up last night? 
-----I phoned you_______ I couldn’t get through at all.
2. His new book will come out next month, ________ I’m eager to read it.
3.___________ she leaves the house, or I will call the policeman.
4.The day must break now, _________ the birds are singing now.
5.Feather falls slowly _________ stone falls much faster.
6.Study hard, _______ you’ll fail in the exam.
(Keys: 1. but;  2. and;  3. Either;  4. for;  5. while;  6. or.)

1.----Do you need any help, Lucy?----Yes. The job is _______ than I could do myself.
2.___ she couldn’t understand was ____ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons. 
3.Engines are to machines _________ hearts are to animals.  
4.You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is ___________ I disagree.
5.---- I rang you at about ten, but there was no reply.
----Oh, that was probably _______ I was seeing a doctor.
(Keys: 1. more;  2.What; why;  3. what;  4. where;  5. when)

1.I just wonder __________ it is that makes him so excited. 
2.I think Father would like to know __ I've been up to so far, so I decide to send him a quick note.
3.A modern city has been set up in ________ was a wasteland ten years ago . 
4.Upon graduation he liked to be sent to _______________ he is most needed.  
5.Sarah hopes to become a friend of _____________ shares her interests.  
6.After__________ seemed half an hour the teacher gave us the correct answer.
7.You’d better give the task to _______ you think can succeed in carrying it out ahead of time.
8.When Christopher Columbus reached ____is now the USA, he called the people there “Indians”.
(Keys: 1. what;  2.what; 3. what; 4. wherever;  5.whoever;  6. what;  7. whoever;  8. what)

1.There is much chance _______ Bill will recover from his injury in time for the race.       
2.A story goes ______ Elizabeth I of England liked nothing more that being surrounded by clever and qualified noblemen at court. 
3.The question _______he was to blame has never been settled.
(Keys: 1. that;  2. that;  3. that)

1. _________ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights.
2. It worried her a bit _____________ her hair was turning grey.   
3. _____________ you don’t like him is none of my business.    
4. I’ll see to it __________ everything is ready in time.
(Keys: 1. Whoever;  2. that;  3. That;  4. that)

1. His grandfather died of cancer on the afternoon of last Wednesday, _______ made his family very sad. 
2. __________ you can imagine, he handed over his business to his son when he retired.
3. She would like to read the novel of __________ a great number of people have heard.
4. September 18, 1998 is the day __________ we’ll never forget.
5. Is there a cinema around _________ I can see a film.
6. The only thing, of__________ I am not sure, is the idiom.
7. This is the third time __________ I have been here.
8. He is a man with rich experience, from ________ much can be learned.
9. I hope to get such a dictionary ________ he is using.
10. It is in the Beihai park ________ they first met _____ they had a heart-to-heart talk.
(Keys: 1. which2.As3. which4. that5. where6. which7. that8. whom9.as10. where; that)

1.There is not much time left, __ let’s get down to our business, otherwise we can’t finish our task.
2.We always keep plenty of spare paper, in ___________ we ran out.
3.It won’t be long ___________ he returns to his native land.
4.He told me that he wouldn’t go to the party ___________ invited.
5.He has been in hospital _________ he had his right leg broken last month.
6.He found he was back __________ he had been.
7. A whole month had passed _______ she fully recovered.

(Keys:1.so  2. case  3. before  4. unless   5. since  6. where  7. before )

十五. 省略
1.Look out for cars, when ____ (cross) the street.            
2.Don’t come in unless _______
3.He is very famous here
so we had no trouble____find
him yesterday.
4.I’m very busy preparing for the exam
so I can’t help____(do) the house work.
5.What doctors can do is_____ (save) people’s life.
6.Ask him to take you home ____possible.            
 (Keys:1. crossing;  2. invited  3. finding   4. do   5. save;   6.if )

十六. 倒装                
Not only _________he like reading stories but also he could even write some.       
So loudly _________the students read their lessons that people could hear them out in the        
Out _________ (rush) a tiger from among the bushes.                         
Then _______ (come) the chairman.                                  
________I you, I would try it again.    
No sooner had she gone out___________ a student came to visit her.          
(Keys:1. did;  2. did;  3. rushed;  4. came;  5. Were;  6. than)

十七. 强调句型
1. It was the ability to do the job ____ matters not where you come from or what you are.
2. It was only when I reread his poems recently ____ I began to appreciate their beauty.
3. It was where there had been a theatre ____ they built a new modern school.
4. Was _____ you that I saw last night at the concert? 
5. _______ is it that you want me to say?
6. It was not ____ she took off her dark glasses ____ I realized she was a famous film star.
(Keys:  1.  that;  2. that;  3. that; 4. it;  5.What;  6. until, that)

十八. 虚拟语气
1. If he ______ (have) time, he would attend the meeting.   
2. If you __________ (come) yesterday, you would have met Andy Lau. 
3. ______ there be a meeting tomorrow, I would inform you in advance. 
4. It is high time you ______ (work) hard at English.
5. I wish I ________ (not spend) so much money.  
6. The students insisted that they _______ (have) more English classes.
7. I would rather you ______ (come) tomorrow. 
(Keys:  1. had;  2. had come;  3. Should; 4. worked;  5. hadn’t spent;  6. have;  7.came)

1.Edison was a great ________. During his life he had many __________. (invent)
2.We want ___________ reasons for your failure to help. (satisfy)
3.Please give me some reference work. It will ________ my task. (simple)
4.The boy had the ___________ of being half starved. (appear)
5.The police have __________ a plot against the President. (cover)
6.The doctor said that Mary’s  mother needed an _________.(operate)
7.Few ________ words made us excited.   (speak)
8.The days on the moon get hotter than ________ water. (boil)
9.The teacher was pleased with her _______. (honest)
10.The mother didn’t  know why her daughter was crying _______.  (noise)
1.inventor inventions  2. satisfactory  3.simplify  4.appearance 5.uncovered 6.operation. 7. spoken 8.boiling 9.honesty 10.noisily)

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